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The only thing you need to know is that you are Source, experiencing itself as a human, temporarily. This is an attraction-based Universe. You wouldn't be here resonating with these words if you weren't ready to meet this part of you. The world is your mirror; is You. I do not claim any of this as "fact," merely the best explanation I can give of how I remember Myself.

I made this course in the process of entering this "Remembering World" (the one where you remember yourself as Source and can quickly choose how you feel, trusting everything as if it is yourself and seeing everything as You), but I didn't realize that was the path I was on at the time. At the time of channeling everything I share in the course, I had been taking the lessons rather literally. Eventually I discovered they are all more metaphorical than anything as nothing really does this awareness justice. Besides first-hand experience...that will always get deeper and more profound every day.

This is a journey to embark if you are ready for your life to never be the same.

I had to kill the old Marisa, the one that made this course, to be the being on the other end of this computer screen writing this now. The old me was a personality created from fear and anxiety. Once I let go of her, the Freedom was unleashed within. If you've been like how she was all your life - extra sensitive to everything, not sure what you want or what's right for you - then, just know, you may be like I was. I had to let go of an entire personality to finally settle into a place I feel the most genuine joy, no matter what is taking place around me. 

Since this "remembering" of sorts, I seemingly lost my income, my dear pet dog, had terrible health scares, and wildly bizarre misunderstandings...and through all of it, I could feel Myself as the everything behind all that was taking place. I didn't feel scared. I felt certain I was learning to see the world in a new way. Further, that timid voice that had been afraid to speak up for itself all this time, got to practice speaking up for itself, only to discover it wasn't standing up for itself, it was fighting with itself. For a manifestation has to change if you're no longer a match for it, but if you are, there's not an action you can take to *truly* change it.

I have yet to manifest physical materials that one might brag about on social media to try to prove the importance of manifesting, but now that I know it was never my personality who was supposed to chose the manifestations, I instead simply trust and allow the Grander Self (the Me beyond the physical human I'm experiencing) and eagerly appreciate all that unfolds. There's small magic moments everywhere I look - including meeting other people who remember themselves as Source too. It's like a secret handshake.

I can't wait to hear/see what unfolds for You/Me. The more of us choosing to align with our Grander Self (the All, Source, Mind, Universe, Earth, Love, Life, whatever you wish to call it as the words don't mean anything besides the meaning we give them), the easier it will be for all others - those who do not wish to "remember" anything in this life. Those of us doing this work is enough to help the collective just enjoy thinking their physical reality is real and all that exists - if they wish - while simultaneously making it more peaceful and easier on them.

When we change as individuals (not trying to create change externally, but allowing the natural changes within that come from aligning with our Source), it creates a ripple effect for your friends, family and community. We are here to do the work for many, because it is fun for us! 

Let's have fun, dear One!  

Sonic T. Hepburn
(previously, Marisa Imôn)

Discover the path to living life on purpose.


Together, we're positively changing the course of history

Since you're here, you're waking up to the truth. You're an eternal non-physical being who's temporarily experiencing life as a physical human. If you were drawn here, perhaps t's time you remember who you are. Not because anything *needs* to change, but becaus you deserve to live the most delicious loving life for yourself personally, whatever that is for you.

And as you do, you give permission for others to as well. Not by teaching or explaining, but merely by a shift in energy.


Imagine a world where love outshines fear. Where peace and wellbeing aren't exclusive commodities for some, but are natural, inherent and available to all living beings. 

By waking up to your truth, you help turn the tides towards this vision. Lear more about our vision here.

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Okay, maybe there is one're going to have to give up outdated parts of who you are, but you'll be the one choosing and guiding that experience for yourself by experimenting with the concepts in this course.

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Between Marisa Imôn's podcast Incandescent, her website, and her YouTube channel, there are hundreds of free meditations for you to begin your journey aligning your energy deliberately.



This is a unique approach to understanding manifesting 

Marisa Imôn is an intuitive guide who has been studying and applying concepts of Law of Attraction for 8 years, while intuitively channeling visualizations designed to better help those who learn best by having visuals understand how the Universe works and why they're here in this life. There's no fluff here. If you've tried manifesting techniques and "failed" - let Marisa explain this in a whole new way.

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