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Welcome to The Easiest, Most Comprehensive, and MOST FUN  Free Online Course on Manifesting

Discover the path to living life on purpose.


Together, we're positively changing the course of history

Since you're here, you're waking up to the truth. You're an eternal non-physical being who's temporarily experiencing life as a physical human. If you were drawn here, perhaps t's time you remember who you are. Not because anything *needs* to change, but becaus you deserve to live the most delicious loving life for yourself personally, whatever that is for you.

And as you do, you give permission for others to as well. Not by teaching or explaining, but merely by a shift in energy.


Imagine a world where love outshines fear. Where peace and wellbeing aren't exclusive commodities for some, but are natural, inherent and available to all living beings. 

By waking up to your truth, you help turn the tides towards this vision. Lear more about our vision here.

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We are committed to bringing you free and accessible resources to help you become a masterful creator of your own life.

Free Online Course on Manifesting

You are on your own journey to discovering your own inner wisdom and truth. You manifested this course to help you further yourself on that path. Get free videos on Law of Attraction plus printable journaling worksheets and more in this free virtual course on manifesting. Promise there's no catch!

Okay, maybe there is one're going to have to give up outdated parts of who you are, but you'll be the one choosing and guiding that experience for yourself by experimenting with the concepts in this course.

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Free Meditations on Manifesting

Between Marisa Imôn's podcast Incandescent, her website, and her YouTube channel, there are hundreds of free meditations for you to begin your journey aligning your energy deliberately.



This is a unique approach to understanding manifesting 

Marisa Imôn is an intuitive guide who has been studying and applying concepts of Law of Attraction for 8 years, while intuitively channeling visualizations designed to better help those who learn best by having visuals understand how the Universe works and why they're here in this life. There's no fluff here. If you've tried manifesting techniques and "failed" - let Marisa explain this in a whole new way.

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